Oxnard has a message to Jeff Bezos: Pick me.

The deadline is Oct. 19 for North American cities to submit their applications to be the second home for Amazon, and Oxnard’s application is ready.

City officials are proposing a 430-acre property near Highway 101 to be Amazon’s second headquarters. The current headquarters of the online retail giant is in Seattle.

Amazon plans to spend $5 billion to build a new corporate headquarters that will employ as many as 50,000 workers. 

Mayor Tim Flynn said he’s looking forward to showing off Oxnard to Bezos, Amazon chairman.

“We’re going to vie for that headquarters,” Mayor Tim Flynn announced at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. “It will not only make history, it will not only transform the city of Oxnard, it will not only transform the county of Ventura, it will transform all of California. It will transform the nation.”

The vacant property eyed for Amazon is Sakioka Farms, located between Rice Avenue and Del Norte Boulevard, south of Highway 101. After property owners indicated to the city their intentions to sell, City Manager Greg Nyhoff headed to Sacramento to meet with the governor’s office about the application process.

Nyhoff said about 30 other California applicants, from the San Diego region to the Bay Area, were there. But California cities will face competition from across the country and Canada.

“There will be stiff competition, but Oxnard has some extremely special components and assets no other cities have,” Nyhoff said. “I would like to think when L.A. shows up, well, you have the choice of being parked on the 405 all your life or you can get a pack of fresh strawberries for breakfast.”