Ovilex Soft’s Astonishingly Realistic New No-Cost 3D Simulator App “Driving School 2017” Lets Users Earn their Car, Truck or Bus License

Driving School 2017 available now for iPhone, iPad and Android

Ovilex Soft, the global leader in 3D driving simulator apps with more than 100 million downloads and a Facebook community that recently added its 750,000th fan, announced today that its much-anticipated new title Driving School 2017 is now available for iOS and Android devices. There is no cost to download the app.

With over 100 exciting vehicles to unlock — including cars, buses and trucks — more than 15 maps to explore, and 80 increasingly challenging levels to experience, Driving School 2017 is certainly a worthy addition to the Ovilex Soft roster. In fact, based on the over 8,000 five star reviews the app has already received since launching, it might just might be the company’s best and most beloved release yet.

Whether users want to have some fun in free ride mode, strive to earn their car, truck or bus licence, or go head-to-head against friends in any of three new multi-player modes (racing, free ride and catch the flag), Driving School 2017 features:

  • Meticulously detailed interiors and stunning 3D graphics
  • Multiple driving controls, including tilt steering, buttons, headlights, and touch steering wheel that uses AI and physics to create an ultra-realistic driving experience
  • Realistic engine noises that create a truly immersive gameplay experience
  • A gas system that requires periodic re-fueling at roadside gas stations
  • Choice of classic automatic gearbox or manual transmission with clutch and stick shift
  • Various driving environments such as cities, country roads, highways, deserts, mountains, valleys, and more, along with next-generation weather conditions
  • Realistic damage system that rewards good drivers and punishes bad ones
  • Online…

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