Over 200 days of Trump: A new age of anti-human rights and racism

“If you are neutral in situations of injustices, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” – Desmond Tutu

A cloud of uncertainty and fear is looming over America. The evolution of this mentality is the direct result of backwards policy changes by #45 and his team of loyalists. We cry out “Si se Puede!” and “Black Lives Matter”, but our hope for progress and equality is being held back by a combination of contentious personalities in Trump’s cabinet and a Republican majority congress. Trump’s dedication to reversing our country is in direct violation of our human rights, and has caused a new rise of racism.

On Friday, August 25th, narcissist Trump per usual put himself on the frontlines of news coverage, rather than the tragedy facing millions of Texans who were in the middle of a catastrophic Category 4 hurricane. In his news dump, he announced: Gorka is out, Arpaio pardoned, and a military directive to ban transgender individuals was issued. These motions are possible attempts to mostly appease to Trump’s base, but they are insincere and will do nothing to help his historically-low approval rating of 34 percent.

Just one month after a twitter rant, Trump officially issued a directive to the Pentagon indefinitely banning transgender individuals from joining the military. He also gave Secretary Mattis the authority to decide on shaping policy for openly transgender military members already serving. This reprieve is coming from a man who refused to serve his country in the military by dodging the draft five times. It is an anti-LGBTQ, prejudice action, and yet another political ploy to reverse the progress his predecessor, President Obama, made just one year ago to create more equality in the military.

A second blow on Friday occurred with the first pardon in Trump’s term — the undeserved pardoning of anti-immigrant, inhumane former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He was convicted, but not tried, in Arizona last month on criminal…

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