‘Our offense is the easiest in America’: LSU OC Matt Canada opens up on a scheme he calls simple | LSU

As Matt Canada explains it, his offense — the one so hyped up and ballyhooed since his December hire — is simple.

“Our offense,” LSU’s new offensive coordinator said, “is the easiest in America.”

For an hour Thursday night at LSU’s high school coaches clinic, he explained why.

He discussed the foundation of his scheme, the one he’s implementing at LSU this spring, and, yes, he said, the rumblings are true — the Tigers are way ahead of where he thought they’d be halfway through 15 spring practices.

In fact, much of Canada’s installation — those “simple” foundation principles — are installed, running back Derrius Guice said earlier this week and Canada confirmed. It’s just “repetition” now, Guice said.

Canada has more in the bag, though — much more. He’ll now begin building layers on that foundation, adding structures to the concrete slab, as he described it.

“Obviously, we build and add this and this and this,” Canada said. “Our offense is a solid foundation of these core plays, these core concepts and then we add and go from there.”

The 45-year-old Indiana native displayed Thursday night the pizzazz, charisma and personality that coach Ed Orgeron has raved about — the flashy, out-going nature that helped land him this job.

He completed his speech, popped off his clip-on microphone and literally ran off the stage, running into a reporter and brandishing a smile that conveyed a message: Did you like that show?

If it wasn’t for his tall, thin frame and Midwestern accent, you might mistake him for the head coach himself.

They share the ability to fill a room with an infectious personality. Canada’s fiery makeup oozed out in front of the couple of hundred high school…

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