Our “Astonishing,” “Scintillating, “Daring” Book

I was amazed by the endorsements of the book that Trevor Sutton and I have just published, Authentic Christianity:  How Lutheran Theology Speaks to the Postmodern World–both the caliber of the people whom CPH got to read the manuscript and the kind things that they said.  I was especially gratified and amused by the words they used to describe it:  “scintillating,” “daring,” “provocative,” “enlightening,” “astonishing,” “engaging,” “marvelous,” “refreshing.”

I feel embarrassed pushing our book, but I think readers of this blog, overall, would like it.  All of this praise I will deflect to Trevor.

Endorsements for Authentic Christianity:

“Gene Veith was one of the first Lutherans to engage postmodernism over twenty years ago. Now he teams up with Pastor Trevor Sutton to use Lutheran theology—particularly the chief article of justication by faith alone—to provide readers with a robust and thoughtful apologetic. I was especially pleased with the authors’ use of the work of the counter- Enlightenment thinker Johann Georg Hamann in articulating a response to Postmodernism. Theological themes of Christology, biblical interpretation, Law and Gospel, vocation, sanctification, and the two kingdoms are aptly covered. This book will spark conversations and fuel a more confident Christian witness in our day.”

—Rev. John T. Pless Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry & Missions; Director of Field Education, Concordia eological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN


“This book shows that we now live in a post-secular world where anti-Christian attitudes have no privileged stance for setting the agenda for public discourse. It is high time that Lutherans roll up their sleeves, and like Paul in Athens share the Gospel in the agora of ideas. Veith and Sutton demonstrate that unlike Puritan, Revivalist, or Roman Catholic views of Christian faith, Lutherans are well positioned to share God’s Good News to a world fragmented by modernity and…

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