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COOS BAY — Bay Area Athletic Club has been fined nearly $200,000 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), according to documents obtained by The World.

The $195,300 failure-to-abate penalty brings the total violations for the Coos Bay-based gym to $574,110.

The most recent fine stemmed from a failure to provide proper emergency eyewash and shower facilities, with the original violation dating back to Sept. 14 of 2015.

The proposed daily penalty is $300 until the violation is corrected.

Oregon OSHA Public Information Officer Aaron Corvin said that daily penalty is why the number had ballooned to such a high amount.

“This has gone on for some two years and the employer continues to fail to fix this,” he added.

OSHA inspectors noted the athletic club’s setup for washing out potentially dangerous chemicals was a hose — cut off at the end and angled up.

In a document detailing the violation, inspectors noted the types of chemicals employees would have handled ranged from hydrochloric acid and sodium hypochlorite, among other “extreme pH” chemicals.

During the first inspection, the only eye protection found on premises were swim goggles, which OSHA deemed inadequate because “they did not seal tightly enough to the face to prevent the entry of chemicals from the side.” 

Bay Area purchased face shields after the inspection but employees were never instructed how to use them, according to court documents. 

OSHA also determined that mandatory safety meetings were not being held as required, partially because President Mark McPeek did not want to pay employees for spending time in meetings.

Bay Area Athletic Club employees directed questions to McPeek, who said a meeting involving all 40 of his staff was too difficult to coordinate because employees worked vastly different hours. 

“I have…

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