SAN FRANCISCO — Three former Oracle staffers have sued the company alleging that women software engineers at the tech giant are routinely paid less then men doing the same jobs.

The suit comes as Silicon Valley continues to struggle with assertions that women, as well as African Americans and Hispanics, are systematically discriminated against and paid less than white men, in an era when tech is a major engine of both job and wealth creation.

The suit was filed on Aug. 28 but first reported on publicly by The Information Friday. 

The defendants, Rong Jewett, Sophy Wang and Xian Murray, are all software engineers. Their case alleges that Oracle’s actions towards its female employees are “immoral, unethical, oppressive, unscrupulous, and offensive.”

Oracle did not have any comment on the suit. 

The suit seeks to represent all female Oracle employees going back to 2013. According to the Labor Department, 1,207 women work at Oracle in the same product development class as the women filing the suit.

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