OperaCare Streamlines Centric Healthcare’s Quality Assurance and Compliance

OperaCare has released their case study with client Centric Healthcare, identifying the benefits of automating and standardizing the Quality Assurance (QA) and Compliance process for a Certified Home Health Agency. Based out of Greenville, TX, Centric not only boasts a patient census that is three times larger than the regional average, the case study also reveals OperaCare builds a predictable revenue stream, a happier skilled nursing staff, and a new-found respect for the compliance process.

The study notes that between November 2016 and May 2017, Centric Healthcare saw close to a thirty percent drop in their Very High and Extreme Revenue at Risk. As OperaCare uses the same data points that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) uses to target and assign ADR and ZPIC reviews, this was the same revenue CMS was monitoring and could likely trigger a survey in the near future.

“The shock for me was not just the 30% drop in the most volatile revenue, but I had no idea that almost half of my overall revenue was Very High and Extreme at the end of last year.” Said David Ochoa, Centric’s CEO and Owner. “Now that I have a predictable revenue stream, which allows me to grow my business, I can sleep better at night. OperaCare also transitions your QA team from being reactive, to becoming a key member of a client’s care team, and that Live QA not only allows me to submit my claims faster, but means my nurses don’t feel incompetent continuously doing revisions to the OASIS after hours.”

“The fact is that CMS is not in the business of educating us on fraud, waste, and abuse.” continued OperaCare founder Michael McGowan, “They are trying to catch violators – whether those agencies know it or not. Many agencies, like David last year, believe they are compliant, but in reality, have no idea how…

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