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Linguistics explores the patterns and development of human language, and linguists use sound systems, language theory, and language analysis to dissect various ways of speaking. Linguistics offers a specific, analytic skill set that can be applied to careers in education, writing, anthropology, speech recognition, communications, and law.

Online Degrees in Linguistics

Linguistics degrees are available at the certificate, associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD level–the degree you pursue will depend on your educational and career goals. Most certificate and associate’s degree programs in linguistics offer career training for students who wish to teach English as a second language. Online degrees can be especially convenient for these individuals since they may need to work full time while making the career transition.

A bachelor’s degree in linguistics usually takes four years to complete and includes coursework in phonics, computational linguistics, general linguistics, statistics, and English as a second language. Like other college degrees in the social sciences, a bachelor’s degree in linguistics can lead to a variety of career paths and graduate school options.

Master’s degree and PhD programs in linguistics allow students to become experts in a particular area of the field. Most master’s degree programs can be completed in two years, while PhD programs take at least four years and require a dissertation. A PhD is generally required to teach at the university level.

Linguistics Career Paths

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a bachelor’s degree in the social sciences can qualify students for entry-level positions as research assistants, market analysts, writers, and management trainees. Degrees in linguistics develop specific analysis and language skills valued in the following industries:

Market Research
Speech rehabilitation
Technology development
Technical writing

Have you ever thought about getting a linguistics degree online? The field of linguistics as a whole is one fraught with exciting challenges and job requirements. While most people will go through their degree programs for this career in the classroom, there are internet based options that you can take into consideration. There are a surprising number of benefits for getting a linguistics degree online, more so than you could probably imagine. Thus if you were looking to get a degree in linguistics, this may be the way for you to go. Here are some of the many benefits you may find by getting an online degree.

A lot of times students struggle with classes because they cannot keep up with the pace of the classroom. Everything happens too fast, too slow, or too infrequently. With a linguistics degree online though, you can get the training you need at the speed you want because you set your own schedule. You are in charge of how fast or slow it takes you to learn something, although you will have to abide by certain guidelines setup by the course director. Even within those parameters, you will still have a much better flexibility online than you would in person.

By getting a linguistics degree online, you will have access to most or all of your course materials right up front. That means that you could potentially finish the classes early if you wanted to, with the exception of the occasional scheduled test. With the material in front of you, you may also pause video lectures and replay them if you miss a part, or you can keep a power point slide up long enough to read it. You become the creator of your own lessons, and that could make all the difference in the amount of information you retain.

Online colleges are also great because they allow you to go to school wherever you want. Instead of having to move across the country to get an education, you could get your linguistics degree online and stay right at home. If you need to go on vacation for a little bit, you can bring your computer and have instant access to your schooling. As long as there is a connection to the internet and computer around, you can go to school. You would not have anything close to that kind of flexibility in a traditional learning program.

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