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An exhibit of stained glass art at Ancora Coffeehouse, 112 King St., is rooted in the arts and crafts/prairie style, with influence from abstract art and Japanese architecture. Oregon artist Randall L. Glysch creates the pieces as Red Corner Art Glass.

Although Glysch has always been interested in creating art, it wasn’t until about five years ago that he enrolled in a stained glass class at The Vinery in Madison. Cutting the glass was a struggle for him at first, and it was a year before he convinced himself to keep trying.

“Every piece of glass I tried to cut, it always broke into several pieces, then one day I told myself I had to keep trying, and I did,” Glysch said in an email.

Glysch’s glass art reflects the pride he takes in the detail and colors using only the best glass.

“I’m interested in the interaction of light and color, and how a piece of art glass can appear, depending upon the light around it,” said Glysch in his artist’s statement. “I like texture, color and surrounding my pieces with quarter-sawn oak frames.”

Glysch has created pieces for homes and restored buildings, including framed pieces and lampshades. He has ventured into outdoor art with the recent creation of a stained glass lawn sculpture. In each one-of-a-kind piece of his glass artwork, Glysch incorporates a red corner piece as his signature.

The art of stained glass takes precision; if one of your pieces of glass is off by just a little bit, the entire piece will be as well. As a research scientist for the past 20 years, Glysch is familiar with having to be very precise with data.

“Creating stained glass is like working on a math problem,” Glysch said. “It requires skill, patience, attention to detail, accuracy and involves working with…

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