Omega Family Global Sets Surrogacy Bar Higher with All-Encompassing Insurance

Omega Family Global

Omega Family Global, which provides surrogacy solutions, marks one year of offering Omega Family Services (OFS) to surrogates. OFS products and services encompass the entire spectrum of insurance needs, including life insurance, health insurance, donor egg/IVF insurance and travel health insurance, as well as legacy planning, wealth management and more.

“It has always been a fundamental principle of Omega Family Global to provide the most comprehensive and highest level of service,” said Frederick W. Gaston, founder and chief counsel of Omega Family Global. “In pursuit of this new high standard in the industry, OFS was created to address the frustration and confusion caused by the insurance process. This was essential, as insurance plays a critical role in the surrogacy journey and process.”

OFS, in fact, provides a comprehensive insurance capability that removes any confusion and simplifies the process of a dynamically changing insurance environment. The goal of OFS is to take care of the surrogate and the newborn with the best insurance available in the United States.

“OFS’ sole focus is protection; therefore, in many cases, OFS continues to take care of the surrogate and their families well after the surrogacy journey has ended,” concluded Gaston, a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy.

About Omega Family Global

Omega Family Global is a comprehensive Southern California agency that provides guidance, services, experience and knowledge to intended parents, originating from any state or country. Omega Family Global exists to make new family creation as simple as it can be, while being legally correct. For more…

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