Older Lawn Bowlers Put Their Hands Up to Save Club, With a Beyoncé Twist

“All the single ladies — all the bowling ladies. It just felt right,” she said.

Unlike the 10-pin bowling popular in North America, lawn bowls involves rolling weighted balls, called bowls, on turf to see who can get closest to a smaller target ball, called a kitty or a jack.

In the video, the three women — Terry Foster, Wyn Hewitt and Janine Halls — dance in blue-and-white uniforms with bowls in hand.

“We’ve played lawn bowls for 40 years,” they sing. “Stonnington please pay attention.” Another golden line: “Lawn bowls is what I prefer, is what I deserve.”

It took an afternoon to shoot. The project also enlisted young club members who offered to teach the dance moves and a wedding videographer who charged a discounted rate to shoot the video.

“It was pretty arduous,” said Mrs. Wallish, who wrote the lyrics. “One of them says we owe her a hip replacement.”

Ms. Halls, one of the dancers and a member of the Chadstone Bowls Club for 17 years, said that she had heard of Beyoncé before shooting the video, though her dancing partners hadn’t. She called the experience fun, though “a bit scary.”

“We didn’t know how difficult the choreography would be,” she said of imitating Beyoncé’s moves while twisting a weighty lawn bowl in the air. “I thought I’d done my shoulder at one stage.”

While the video is lighthearted, the motivation behind it is a plea to save a vibrant social space that is especially valuable to older people.

“I’d be devastated if it went. It’s part of our community,” Ms. Halls said. To find a replacement for it, she said, “I’d have to drive and start all over again, making new friends.”

Around the country, lawn bowls clubs are reinventing themselves to stay in business. Some, like Bronte Bowling Club and Maroubra Sports Club, have converted part of…

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