Off-duty Winnipeg cop arrested after car hits and kills pedestrian – Manitoba

Relatives of a man who died in a crash that’s led to the arrest of an off-duty Winnipeg police officer say he was a fun-loving young man who had a baby on the way.

CBC News has learned Cody Severight, 23, was the man who died after being hit by a car near the corner of Main Street and Sutherland Avenue Tuesday night.

Barbara Thompson said her son was outgoing. (Travis Golby/CBC)

“Cody was an outgoing and outspoken person. He would love to make everybody laugh,” said Severight’s stepmom, Barbara Thompson.

Winnipeg police said an off-duty officer has been arrested in connection with the death but no charges have been laid.

A police spokesperson said no details about the arrest would be released until a news conference Wednesday morning.

‘I heard a big smash’

Thompson said she had seen her son about a half-hour before the crash near the Sutherland Hotel.

She said he’d left after their talk to go for a walk with his girlfriend.

“I was really shocked. I seen him just before that,” she said.

Severight’s sister, Terri Brass, said she was in the area around 8 p.m. CT when the crash happened.

Winnpeg police diverted traffic on Main Street northbound at Sutherland Avenue Tuesday night after witnesses said a man was hit by a vehicle. (Travis Golby/CBC)

“I thought it was two cars hitting each other, I heard a big smash,” she said. “The car just kept on … going, it didn’t even stop.”

Brass said her brother loved to cook and was always there to help if people felt down.

‘The best part of my life’

“My little brother was the best part of life. When you’re feeling down he’ll pick you right up. My little brother was the awesomest little guy anybody would ever want.”

Severight’s family said they want answers from Winnipeg police — they learned about the officer’s arrest from the media and want to know why the driver didn’t stay with Severight.

Investigators work at Main Street and Sutherland Avenue on Tuesday night. (Travis Golby/CBC)


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