ODNR and EPA investigating ‘fish kill’ in Jackson | Spotlight

Photos of several dead fish surfaced on social media over the weekend that created quite a buzz. The post received many shares and comments.

On Sunday, August 27, Michelle Conway shared some photos through Facebook with a city councilman. The photos were of dead fish, and she asked the simple question, “Do you know what’s causing this?”

Conway was later contacted by the Ohio Division of Wildlife (ODW). Conway posted that the ODW said that law enforcement was alerted to the situation on the same day she posted about the fish. Conway had also posted that over 20 of the local black vultures were feeding on the dead fish.

On Monday, August 28, the topic was bought up in Jackson City Council, and Jackson Mayor Randy Health explained that a city sewer pipe had settled and sprang a leak. Health also said that crews had since fixed the faulty pipe.

Jackson Service Director Bill Sheward explained that the leak happened at the end of York Street in Jackson. He also said that the City of Jackson could face a fine as a result of the failed pipe leaking into the creek.

“It would’ve been everything down stream from York Street in Jackson,” explained Sheward. “The city was notified Sunday morning. We did get it fixed Sunday, and we were very concerned that we wouldn’t be able to, but once we got down to it, we were able to fix it temporarily.”

Sheward added, “It just happens over the years and there’s no way to predict when something like that will happen.”

On Tuesday, August 29, The Jackson County Times-Journal discovered and counted at least 20 dead fish caught or hung up on rocks and other debris under the Chillicothe Street bridge, near Athens Street in Jackson.

The Times-Journal reached out to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) for comment regarding the situation.

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