OCI acting to remove Pat Hickey from Olympic positions

The Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) will today begin a process aimed at the removal of former OCI president Pat Hickey from his positions with the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

An OCI board meeting, scheduled to take place in Dublin, will agree to officially forward a copy of Mr Justice Carroll Moran’s report into the Rio ticketing scandal to the Lausanne-based IOC Ethics Commission.

The move is expected to prompt the commission to examine the findings of the report – particularly how Mr Hickey ran the Irish organisation during his presidency, from 1989 until last year, as well as the events surrounding the Rio Olympic Games, which led to his arrest.

The commission investigates complaints about IOC members raised in relation to ethical principles. It has the authority to propose sanctions to the IOC executive board and has, as recently as last year, suspended one of its elite Korean IOC members.

Mr Justice Moran found that the OCI had showed “more concern for the commercial interests of the authorised tickets resellers than for the interests of the athletes, their friends, relatives and supporters”.

‘Concealed relationship’

It also found Mr Hickey and Marcus Evans, the boss of THG – a ticket reseller rejected as unsuitable by the Rio organising committee – had a “concealed relationship” of mutual benefit to both the OCI and THG.

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