NXTPACK Launches World’s First Highly Functional Anti-Theft Backpack with Magnetic Camera Mounting System on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo

Urbanvibe by NXTPACK

Best Backpack Engineered

NXTPACK proudly introduces the world’s first highly functional anti-theft backpack with magnetic camera mounting system on shoulder strap, launching on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo.

There’s something inherently special about Urbanvibe Backpack. Its surprising spaciousness is only rivaled by its unintrusive design. It’s totally non-invasive; giving you unprohibited access to all belongings in the blink of an eye while at the same time keeping them totally safe and secure. Its shoulder straps come equipped with a magnetic camera mount, made from premium aerial-grade CNC aluminium, and can be mounted to a tripod in seconds. All rolled into one stylish, sophisticated bag that doesn’t look out of place compared to other fashionable backpacks on the market. These are the features that one didn’t know one’s needed, but in time will come to be those one can’t live without. It’s time to expect a backpack to do more.

Something as simple as a backpack is quite often taken for granted. NXTPACK sees it as something simply designed to get the job done, but what if it could be something more than that?

“What if your backpack is putting you at risk of being targeted by thieves?”

“What if it was somewhere you could turn when your phone runs out of juice?”

“What if you had a way of keeping your belongings safe, organized and always within reach?”

“What if you could keep your camera at arm’s length and never miss that one-in-a-lifetime shot?”

“What if your phone and passport were on hand in seconds but always totally secure?”

These were the questions that crept up again and again after spending an entire year observing the habits of people who travel. That’s why NXTPACK designed…

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