NuSpine Chiropractic Partners with Upside Group Franchise Consulting for Nationwide Expansion

NuSpine Chiropractic, one of the nation’s most prestigious chiropractic businesses, recently announced that, in response to increased demand, they are expanding their franchise offerings with a goal of broadening their presence throughout North America in the coming year. To facilitate this growth, NuSpine Chiropractic has partnered with Upside Group Franchise Consulting.

NuSpine’s ultimate goal is to make chiropractic care affordable and available to more people. With a unique business model designed to be both patient-centric and doctor-centric, NuSpine’s chiropractors are able to “win” in their careers but not at the expense of their patient’s bank accounts. Dr. Todd Hedlund, CEO and founder of NuSpine believes that, “Chiropractic treatments should be a routine healthy lifestyle choice rather than a response to injury or chronic pain.”

Regular chiropractic adjustments have been shown to boost the immune system, to increase circulation promoting faster healing time, and to slow joint deterioration. NuSpine exists to make both corrective and maintenance care possible by providing discounted pricing for quality care for each patient. Unlike traditional chiropractic services, which offers numerous separately billable services geared towards receiving insurance reimbursement, NuSpine offers simple but effective adjustments at a reasonable out-of-pocket rate.

The main reason that more people do not use chiropractic services is because of the cost. NuSpine’s business model is designed to assist people in getting healthy and staying healthy at a price they can afford.

Dr. Hedlund decided to expand their franchise offerings in response to ever-changing healthcare laws, the establishment of more PPOs mandating certain practices for in-network providers, and an ever-increasing number of people who wish to remain active despite aging and weight gain.

About NuSpine Chiropractic

NuSpine provides quality, affordable, convenient adjustments so patients can get back to doing what they love without pain and without breaking their budget. NuSpine provides a monthly membership model that allows patients to receive care that is designed precisely for them and their needs. We offer pricing that remains affordable for out-of-pocket monthly payments without any hidden fees or bills. NuSpine’s three defining characteristics are quality, affordability, and convenience. We provide thorough examinations, results of tests, consultations, and routine updates to treatments as patients progress in their care. We provide a pricing model that makes regular care possible and allows patients to follow through with their entire treatment plan; patients receive the care they need, not the care dictated by their insurance plan. Lastly, by…

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