Nothing to sneeze at! Desktop device monitors indoor air quality.

I recently tested the Awair, Air Quality Monitor, which tracks the five key factors of air quality including chemicals such as volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, dust, humidity, and temperature. A lot of the chemicals are in standard products we use for cleaning, and beauty products.

An interesting fact Awair supplied via its website is that indoor air can be 5X more polluted than outdoor air. This can affect allergies, asthma, concentration, sleep and more. Who knew?

The Awair looks like an attractive desktop Bluetooth speaker with a walnut finish and measuring sensors inside. It won’t produce music; instead, it measures the air quality and has a front display to show you the findings. There are different modes; use the one based on the area of the house you’re testing to find out about allergies, sleeping, and even baby rooms.

The Awair must be connected to your Wi-Fi to work with the Awair app (iOS and Android). The app displays colored dots and information on what problems exist and where. You can view the current statistics along with the changes as it happens after you use the personalized recommendations.

One example is measuring how much dust is in a room, and I wasn’t surprised to find several rooms in my house were dusty, especially those which we don’t use as often. And as you know, dust is an allergy sufferer’s worst enemy. The app offers recommendations on how to reduce the amount of dust.

A great Awair feature is the If This Then That (IFTTT), which allows it to talk with other devices. I have a humidifier that Awair can trigger since it’s plugged into a smart plug; thus the changes to my room can be done seamlessly. That’s just one example, but with smart home and voice assistants, the help is always there and always improving. $199.99


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