Not the same jobs

Re: “What business exodus? California tops in U.S. for company creation” [News, Aug. 28]: I generally enjoy the writing of Jonathan Lansner but his recent article about California business is off-base and misleading.

He provides examples of six large and well-known companies having recently left California for better business environments but then attempts to make a point that we shouldn’t be concerned because California has had net gain in new businesses.

Mr. Lansner, however, doesn’t give his readers a single example of a significant company that has elected to migrate to California. Instead he uses a bogus comparison between a smaller number of large companies leaving with many new start-up businesses opening in California.

Those new businesses are great but few of them will offer the level of pay and benefits to their employees that you would have from companies such as Toyota and Nestle USA. Fewer still of those new companies will even exist five years from now after struggling to grow in the stunted business economy of California.

— Michael Wilson, Huntington Beach

So much for law and order

As a man in my 70s, I have seen plenty to make me very cynical of that semi-sewage we call our judicial system. I lived, for example, through Gerald Ford’s pardon of that arch-criminal-in-chief, Richard Nixon — in many ways the father of our modern atrocity called the “war on drugs.” Strangely his pardon did not extend to the countless souls who fled to Canada to escape an illegal war.

But now, sadly, my faith in due process is completely shattered with our “law and order” president’s totally callous and contemptuous pardon of his “law and order” sheriff sidekick. And I grieve for those who will live to see the monstrosity into which this country is devolving. God help us all.

— Gordon Wilson, Laguna Niguel

Build the wall

The president was absolutely correct to pardon Sheriff Arpaio, as this country has a huge problem with illegal aliens in Texas, Arizona and…

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