noax Technologies and Portland French Bakery Collaborate to Allow for Paperless Picking

A Portland French Bakery employee uses a noax S15 industrial touchscreen PC to monitor products and print labels in real-time

We quickly realized that staying with noax was the obvious choice.

The glow from noax Technologies industrial PCs can be seen from the shipping docks as trucks line up to make deliveries. At 2 am every morning, freshly baked breads begin their journey from Portland French Bakery’s facility, to hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, and retail outlets throughout the Oregon and Washington areas. Portland French Bakery’s goal is simple: to provide the freshest products possible to their customers. Portland French Bakery, a wholesale Portland based baking company, uses an authentic, hands-on baking process for all of their products and relies on a 120-year-old sourdough starter for their signature “City Sour” products. When the company began in 1985, the primary focus was based on an unheard of concept: handcrafted breads delivered to customers seven-days-a-week. Soon after beginning operations,the concept was quickly validated in the form of a distribution agreement with wholesale giant,Costco. Today, Portland French Bakery is now a family-owned and operated, regional powerhouse that produces over 400 customized sourdough, French, Italian and high-quality artisan breads at their Portland facility. The facility combines current noax industrial technology with proven baking methods.

Before noax

Prior to using noax industrial computers, Portland French Bakery worked strictly with pen and paper to track their production and distribution schedules. During the daily staging of delivery routes, the company was required to print a ream and a half of paper and place route information in separate…

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