No charges against former Canadian Tire employee accused of assaulting First Nations customer – Saskatchewan

The Regina Police Service will not lay charges after a First Nations man accused a Canadian Tire employee of assaulting him.

The decision comes after the police consulted with Saskatchewan Crown prosecutors, according to Regina police Chief Evan Bray.

“This is a pretty highly sensitive case,” Bray told reporters at a news conference Thursday, noting that’s why the incident was referred to the Crown’s office.

Bray said Kamao Cappo, the man who made the complaint, and Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Vice-Chief Kimberley Jonathan had been informed of the decision.

Cappo said on Thursday that he was crushed to learn no charges would be laid, but wasn’t entirely surprised. 

“How often do you hear of a white person being charged for assaulting an Indigenous person? You don’t hear it because it’s not done,” he said. 

“But if the Indigenous person insults a white person, the police will do everything they can to make sure that that Indigenous person is charged and convicted.”

Customer accused of theft

Cappo filmed himself being thrown out of a Regina Canadian Tire store in July.
Cappo said he was in the store to buy a chainsaw, but noticed a problem just before purchasing it and left the product with customer service.

He said he placed a one-litre can of oil and a spare chain he was planning to purchase inside the box in order to make it easier for an employee to carry, which is when a man who worked there accused Cappo of attempting to steal.

Regina police Chief Evan Bray speaks at a news conference Thursday. (Cory Herperger/CBC)

Cappo disagreed and refused to leave the store. He posted two videos to social media that show the exchange with the worker growing increasingly heated. 

At one point, the employee accuses Cappo of touching him.

The employee appears to push Cappo up against a shelf. He can then be seen pushing him toward the exit, with Cappo sliding on his feet.

“If we were white and walked into…

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