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The famous movie-turned-musical “Legally Blonde” tells the hilarious tale of perky sorority girl Elle Woods as her seemingly perfect life takes an unexpected turn. When her beloved boyfriend dumps her to find a more serious woman, Elle enrolls in Harvard Law School to prove to him just how serious she is, and, of course, win him back in the process.

Full of boundless energy, upbeat musical numbers and laugh-out-loud moments, Newport Harbor High School’s presentation of this lovable, comedic musical is absolutely captivating.

Alina Aguirre lights up the stage as the bubbly, pink-clad Elle Woods. Her charisma and powerful voice command attention throughout the performance, yet she shows a more delicate side of her character during the ballad “Legally Blonde.” She successfully transitions from a fun-loving sorority girl into a serious, driven woman while staying true to her character’s cheerful personality.

As Elle’s love interest and fellow law student, Emmett Forrest, Keishaun Burroughs brings an unassuming charm to the stage with a fluid earnestness and a smooth voice. Pompous and suave, Christopher Surridge is perfect as Elle’s self-obsessed ex-boyfriend Warner.

Replacing Elle as Warner’s girlfriend is the sophisticated Vivienne (Rebecca Bailey). Bailey’s proper posture and snooty attitude make her character’s slight superiority complex evident. Bailey also impresses with her powerful singing voice and presence.

Jillian Brazelton is excellent as Elle’s larger-than-life hairstylist and friend, Paulette. She is initially somewhat meek and insecure, but Brazelton builds up her strength as Elle helps her gain confidence. Paulette’s one weakness is Kyle (Henry Miyao), the UPS Guy for whom she falls. Miyao induces riotous laughter with his exaggerated winks and slick dance moves.

Stage management by Gavin Lattimer keeps the fast-paced show under control with well-timed cues and quick, seamless scene changes.

Manal Benjelloun, Serena Velazquez, and Lauren McCracken’s makeup designs reflect character traits well, with bright makeup for the exuberant Delta Nu sisters and spirited Paulette, and duller, old-age makeup for the distinguished Professor Callahan.

Sound by Nick MacDonald and Maggie Rose is impeccably timed, especially the noises of Elle’s dog barking. MacDonald and Rose also ensure that the sound is clear and resonant…

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