New Surge of Displaced Families from Myanmar Arrives in Bangladesh

At Thainkhali makeshift settlement, a mother waits with her child for food.

Emergency response field staff with BRAC, the Bangladesh-based NGO leading humanitarian efforts on the ground in Bangladesh, have observed a new surge of forcibly displaced people from Myanmar streaming across the border in the last few days.

BRAC leadership is available to discuss the crisis that shows no sign of abating – and, in fact, is growing worse.

With half a million displaced people having already arrived amid reports of atrocities, this new surge compounds an already complex humanitarian crisis on the ground, disrupting ongoing relief efforts.

BRAC has built thousands of latrines, hundreds of tube wells and more than 50 child-friendly spaces and emergency health clinics that see thousands of children and patients every day.

Please contact Emily Coppel or Matt Kertman at BRAC USA in New York to arrange interviews or for more information.

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In response to the ongoing crisis in Myanmar that has led to more than 500,000 people fleeing to Bangladesh since August 25, BRAC, a Bangladesh-based NGO with over forty years of experience in emergency response and development, is leading humanitarian relief efforts on the ground, and has reached more than 250,000 recent arrivals.

While BRAC works to support all marginalized people, in keeping with an organizational strategy, it focuses first on meeting the needs of children, people with disabilities, adolescent girls, and pregnant and new mothers.

As thousands more forcibly displaced families from Myanmar arrive daily, concern for malnutrition, sanitation, and disease soars.

BRAC is scaling up its humanitarian relief activities, focusing on maternal and…

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