New Scott Foil launched with disc brakes

Scott has become the latest major bike manufacture to bolt on discs to an updated version of its aero dedicated machine, the Scott Foil

Scott Bikes has now completely submerged itself into the disc braking world by adding the Scott Foil aero bike to its already established Addict RC disc race bike and Addict range – including the women’s Contessa ranges.

Scott say it sees other types of racing or transport, i.e motor racing or motor bike racing, using disc brakes to enhance performance or ensure lap-by-lap predictability, power and control, so why not on push bikes too? Scott believes that discs are the future and will now offer this technology on all of its bikes.

Video: Eight things to know about disc brakes

The new Scott Foil is a complete race bike – like Pinarello say about the F10 – it isn’t all about aerodynamics. It strikes a balance between all the attributes of aero, lightweight, power, control and comfort.

Tech Editor Symon Lewis getting a first ride aboard the Scott Foil disc

For the new disc equipped Scott Foil, control is the most important and this is why the inclusion of disc brakes has occurred on the new aero Foil.

Scott Foil Aerodynamics

The frame remains largely the same, although there has been a rework to the chainstay and the Foil has a completely new fork.

The first Scott Foil had a special profile which is patented; it basically has a transitional radium on the trailing edge of the tube that helps the aerodynamics flow smoothly. This was defined by CFD testing, and after 10 different tests, the best were taken into the wind tunnel.

Everything hidden from view. Scott widens forks to hide disc brake caliper

The most important part of the frame in terms of drag is the seat tube, head tube and fork (10-18 per cent depending on the yaw angle on the forks). So it was very important to keep the this performance after adding discs.

Disc brakes are not aerodynamic admitted Scott – on average you lose three watts – so Scott…

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