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Ninja Division Publishing LLC


Boise Idaho (September 27, 2017)

Starfinder™ takes roleplayers to the stars in a mysterious new universe ready for exploration. Gamers can bring those adventures to life with a new line of premium-quality unpainted resin Master Class Miniatures being offered by Paizo in association with Ninja Division Publishing on Kickstarter today. This new official line of miniatures includes exciting options to help bring to life your Starfinder adventures and exclusive heroes and aliens that will only be available through the Kickstarter campaign.

Backers of this new line of premium-quality, unpainted resin miniatures will find multiple options available to them as they customize their Kickstarter package. The campaign kicks off with two options for fans of Paizo’s new Starfinder™ Roleplaying Game; Adventure and Campaign Pledge levels. Both packages launch with Kickstarter limited editions that will be produced in a limited supply. Legacy Heroes allows fans of the ancient races of Pathfinder™ to continue those races’ adventures in the universe of Starfinder™. Half-Orc and Dwarf soldiers now pack massive energy weapons of the futuristic galaxy of Starfinder™, while Halfling pilots guide the ships in this new roleplaying system. Elf and Half-Elf Operatives search for answers to the mysteries filling the new game system, as well as Gnome Mystics that bring magic to the world of high technology.

This new Kickstarter campaign also gives backers a chance to lay claim to other limited edition miniatures such as the Space Goblins and crossover models from the world of Ninja Division Publishing; the intrepid Candy and Cola adventurers cosplaying as characters from the Starfinder™ Roleplaying Game. An exclusive miniature is Seelah the Paladin, only available through the kickstarter campaign.

A unique opportunity to pick and choose additions to the packages chosen are the slots to add other models…

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