New Memoir Tells Success Story of Author ‘Because of His ADHD’

Leigh Macneil and Renee Macneil mark their publishing debut with the release of “Spaz” (published by AuthorHouse), a memoir depicting Leigh’s life with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and how he succeeded “because of, not in spite of, his ADHD.”

“This book is Leigh’s life story from the hyper, mischievous, and tormented boy with ADHD to the successful man who learned how to use his ‘different’ brain to his advantage,” the authors say.

“Spaz” follows a boy with severe ADHD as he battles naysayers and bullies and learns how to become successful because of, not in spite of, his ADHD. It contains informational, researched-based sections as well as heartfelt memoirs. Its positive message will resonate with people who have ever felt ridiculed or felt as if they would not amount to anything.

“Our positive message about ADHD is very unique. We strive to show people that ADHD does not have to be someone’s downfall and that some aspects of the ‘disorder’ can actually be put to good use,” the authors emphasize. “‘Spaz’ shows you that, if you believe in yourself, anything is possible. This book is educational self-help as much as it is a touching non-fiction biography.”

A snippet from the book reads:

If my future meant that I’d have to confront bully after bully, then I would face them, but I would tackle them alone and I would train my brain and body to take the negative and turn it into a positive I would not be a product of a diagnosis and a world that viewed my condition as a hindrance I would be a fighter. And I would have to take a lot of punches.

“Spaz: The True Story of My Life with ADHD”

By Leigh Macneil with Renee Macneil

Softcover | 5 x 8in | 220 pages | ISBN 9781546209300

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