New iPhone won’t have a home button: report

Apple is making sure you can’t go ‘home’ again.

The tech giant will eliminate the home button on the flagship — and most expensive — version of its upcoming iPhone, which is expected to be introduced to the public on Sept. 12, according to reports.

Apple is nixing the button in favor of a larger screen that takes up almost the entire front of the phone, according to leaked schematics published by Bloomberg.

Here’s more about what the phone will look like, according to the report:

*The extra-large screen will be larger than that of the 7 Plus, since it wraps around the edges of the phone.

*The screen will be an unusual shape — Apple insiders say it has “ears” — since it has to make room for the earpiece and selfie camera in the top middle of the front screen.

*The device will be glass on both sides, with a stainless steel bezel around the edges like the iPhone 4.

*The phone will use facial-recognition technology to make sure the user is the owner of the phone, and will require a swipe up with a thumb to unlock the screen.

*It will also come with a faster processor, a clearer screen, and wireless charging.

All that amounts to the biggest change to the design of the iPhone since it debuted 10 years ago.

The device is expected to go for more than $1,000, and some analysts have expected it could be priced as high as $1,400.

Still, demand for the next iPhone, which press has speculated will be called either the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X, is expected to be huge.

The company is currently valued at $843 billion — about $9 billion more than it was on Monday.

Apple’s market cap is expected to grow by about 20 percent during the next year, crossing a market capitalization of $1 trillion, analysts have told The Post.

Apple is also expected to introduce a new Apple Watch, and a new version of the Apple TV during the Sept. 12 event.

The company hasn’t confirmed any details about next month’s event.

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