New Company Cold Laser Protocols to Become the Fountain of Cold Laser Knowledge?

Cold laser therapy is the future of joint pain relief.

Cold Laser Protocols™ is an exciting new company formed to become the go to place for cold laser therapy. The primary focus of the company is the series of protocols or settings which provide doctors administering cold laser therapy to their patients, a standardized approach covering a multitude of pain levels, patient demographics, and type of pain.

These protocols have been developed over a 3 year time period by Dr Scott Coletti and his technician Bradley Wright, at Baywest Health & Rehab, and have produced consistent results in reducing patient’s pain levels in a multitude of areas from low back and neck, to the extremities such as feet and hands.

Although cold laser technology has been around for some 50 years, and has had well over 5,000 papers published on it, there is very little in the way of any standardization in terms of treatment settings or protocols.

With many cold laser equipment manufacturers, each have their own set of generic protocols which are designed to help doctors on their way, it is often left to doctors to establish their own protocols. The problem is this is incredibly time consuming and results are so inconsistent, that many doctors consign their cold laser equipment to the scrap heap.

Cold Laser Protocols™ has been created to not only provide standardization of protocols for treatment no matter what manufacturer of cold laser equipment a doctor may use, but also to receive data from doctors who use the protocol software. This mining of data will prove crucial to the future of Cold Laser Protocols™ as the data received from users will form future updates that will improve and ensure greater pain relief results for patients.

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