New Book Tackles the Search for Meaning and Defines Fundamental Principles in Life

What is the purpose of our lives? James Michael Castleton, a physician and fellow of the American College of Cardiology and National Heart Institute addresses that question in his poignant work Mending of a Broken Heart: The Nature of Meaning and the Purpose that Gives Life Hope.

While many have attempted to provide instructions on how to achieve contentment, few address a more pressing question—how do you define happiness and meaning? In a series of spiritual meditations, journal reflections, theological commentary and poetry, Dr. Castleton chronicles his philosophical exploration of these universal questions.

“Many books use the concepts of purpose, happiness and meaning interchangeably, but they aren’t synonymous,” Castleton said. “Mending of a Broken Heart will help readers obtain a clear understanding of these concepts in way that also helps them grasp their deepest purpose in life. It recounts my own struggle to find meaning in the midst of suffering and despair. I began this book not believing in God. I concluded it with the realization that faith has a lot to say that is pertinent to purpose, meaning and especially hope.”

“Mending of a Broken Heart,” provides a philosophical, physiological, and spiritual look into life’s most important emotional needs. Castleton examines the functions these universal emotions serve and shows how to apply them to one’s life. To learn more information about Castleton and his book, visit

“His insight … rings humbly and true … Rich in metaphor, Mending of a Broken Heart is heartfelt, poetic, and beautifully written, offering wise reflections on the nature of life, death, suffering, and trying to find our way through an often-challenging world. Readers of Robert Wicks, C.S. Lewis, and Henri Nouwen, will find much to…

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