New book Tackles ‘Misgovernment’ as Human Rights Problem

Governments across the globe have a range of policy powers that are widely accepted as lawful and appropriate, which are, however, often applied in pervasively harmful ways. From this observation, Mark Lipse came to realize that the moral standing of such powers is largely unexamined. He also found that people, at all levels of society, the public, the policymakers and even the victims, seemed to lack a grasp of this issue. According to him, this poses a significant obstacle to resolving the problem of misgovernment, which prompted him to write “Misgovernment: When lawful authority prevents justice and prosperity” (published by AuthorHouse UK). The objective of the book is to counteract and challenge this cluelessness with respect to this aspect of misgovernment.

The book presents a compelling theory – that misgovernment is the almost inevitable legacy of lawmakers ignoring natural rights when setting up the legal, administrative and constitutional powers of governments. The result, especially in developing countries, is “predatory jurisdiction”, or government powers, which, while lawful, and generally viewed as normal and natural, actually have the potential to be massively unjust and destructive. In this cogently reasoned work, Lipse explains exactly how benchmarks can be established to identify such inappropriate government powers, and the standards of justice that should be applied in assessing them.

This book provides a scholarly yet approachable investigation of the political, economic and systemic factors that result in dysfunctional government. It offers unique information about and novel solutions to a pervasive problem (misgovernment caused by predatory jurisdiction) that has plagued all sorts of nations for a very long…

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