New acting mayor asks Wieler to leave City Council

PIEDMONT — Amid growing public pressure and criticism in the wake of controversial social media comments, Jeff Wieler is being pressed to resign from the City Council by the acting mayor.

Bob McBain — with support from council members Jen Cavanaugh, Teddy Gray King and Tim Rood — said he contacted Wieler on Monday night, strongly advising him to step down.

McBain said Wieler listened but did not give him a definitive answer. Wieler, who recently resigned his post as mayor while retaining his council seat, did not return repeated phone calls Tuesday for comment.

“I made inappropriate Facebook posts. Some had titles or comments by me that were inflammatory or insulting. … I apologize to the citizens of Piedmont, ” Piedmont Mayor Jeff Wieler wrote in his letter of resignation Sunday. Wieler remains on the City Council. (Aric Crabb/Staff archives) 

“Things are pretty bad and getting worse,” McBain said Tuesday. “The city’s in a tough situation.”

McBain said on his Facebook page: “I have been working hard and closely with city staff and stakeholders to listen and understand the concerns of city residents. Most importantly, I do not endorse or support either in substance or tone the statements made by Jeff Wieler.

“Therefore, I believed it was essential that Jeff resigned as mayor,” McBain continued. “Further, I have personally advised Jeff to resign from the Piedmont City Council. I made that recommendation in the best interest of the city. I look forward to working with my colleagues on the City Council and the city staff to get back to working on the city’s business. Piedmont is a wonderful community with fine people that has always valued tolerance, open-mindedness, inclusivity, and it must continue to show respect for all of its citizens.”

On Aug. 26, the council called for a special meeting to vote on removing Wieler as mayor while allowing him to remain on the council until his term was up next year. On Sunday, Wieler decided…

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