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Nestlé Waters lies and alternative facts

Re “Answering some questions about Arrowhead Springs” (Guest commentary, March 21):

Nelson Switzer’s op-ed regarding Nestlé Waters contains several alternative facts. First, he says “We adapt to what is naturally flowing, if the environment yields less spring water, we naturally collect less.”

Nestlé pumps up to 162 million gallons of water from the San Bernardino National Forest every year. They bottle water regardless of drought conditions or impacts to endangered species, even as we faced mandatory water restrictions during the worst drought on record.

Another lie: “Our team of engineers, hydrologists, biologists and geologists consistently monitors and cares for the springs and local environment.” We wish.

Switzer also claims “We only source water from the Arrowhead Springs that flows to the surface.” If that is the case why has Nestlé drilled numerous horizontal wells?

At a recent mountain community meeting, many concerned citizens showed up. Switzer did not. This despite his claim, “We focus on maintaining an open dialogue and close, long-standing relationships with the communities in which we live and work.” Seriously?

Lastly, Switzer states, “Our operations have stood for more than a century because we take our responsibility as a water steward very seriously.” No, it’s because Nestlé has an army of lawyers and deep pockets. We are sick of Nestlé lies.

— Dawn Middleton, Lake Arrowhead

Gas tax increase will hurt commuters, consumers

Unfortunately, with this gas tax increase I will only be paying more money to go to and from work, cutting out any necessary trips in between since I drive 25 miles each way to and from work. This means more expense for me, less money for other things including any pleasurable things. I am upset. We pay enough in gas taxes. Cut the funding for the bullet train, which is a waste of money!

— Kathleen Robertson-Carter, Redlands

Actually, Trump is not ‘off to a great start’

Re “Truth is Trump is off to a great start” (Susan Shelley, April 2):

What a brilliant April Fool’s Day prank in the opinion section. “Susan Shelley” — clearly a pen name for the billionaires in Trump’s cabinet — explains how Trump is off to a great start. What could be better than removing regulations of the finance industry? After all, the Great Recession caused by the greed and fraud of the same finance industry and now cabinet members, only destroyed the middle class of this country.


And, let’s not forget the other “successes” of the first 75 days: committing billions of taxpayer dollars to the wall that “Mexico will pay for”; repeatedly being caught in lies both large (wiretapping) and small (“historically large electoral win”) and petty (largest attended inauguration ever).

Maybe it’s the return of overt racism as policy, the failed attempt to take health…

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