NerdWallet’s Best Credit Card Tips for September 2017

With so many websites offering free financial tools, it can be hard to know whom to trust. At NerdWallet, we spend literally 1,000s of hours researching partner offers and following strict editorial integrity to match you with the perfect choice. We even share how we make money so you can enjoy our expert advice and researched recommendations with total clarity and confidence.

The eclipse has passed, summer vacation is an Instagram memory and the kiddos are back in school. Let’s brighten your September with the Nerds’ monthly credit card tips.

Check your credit report

Yes, we give this tip three times a year. That’s because you’re allowed by law to get a free credit report once per year from each of the major credit reporting bureaus — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — via We recommend getting one every four months, beginning in January. If you’re following that schedule, you’ll pull your final 2017 report in September.

Make sure all the credit accounts listed in the report are yours and that the information is accurate. Also check your personal information, such as your name, address and Social Security number. If you find any errors, dispute them online with the credit bureau. When a credit bureau makes a correction to a credit report, it must share that information with the other bureaus; you don’t have to request the fix from each bureau.

Set up credit card alerts

Most credit card issuers offer notifications to help you manage your card, and we’ve noted three alerts you might want to consider: when your payment is due, when you’re close to your credit limit and when a purchase has been made on your account.

Other alerts might also be useful. You can be notified when a charge of more than a certain amount has been made with your card — this is especially useful if you have an authorized user. And some card apps tell you where you can earn bonus points or score a deal. You can set alerts on your…

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