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Nature and Science Toys from The Toy Insider

John Deere Lawn and Gardent Set (TOMY)

Kids love to role-play right alongside mom and dad. With the John Deere power weed trimmer and garden tools, everyone can pitch in on the yardwork. Simply pull on the trimmer retractable cord a few times to power up, then press the button for weed clipping action. No batteries required. This set also includes a bonus garden rake and shovel, perfectly sized for little ones to beautify the flowers or help in the family garden

Ages: 2+

MSRP: $19.99

Available: Amazon


GeoSafari Jr. Bug Vac n’View (Educational Insights)

Catch and study incredible insects without ever touching them! Simply turn on the gentle suction to capture and study critters; the air holes keep them safe until you’re ready to release them.

Age: 4+

MSRP: $21.99

Available: Amazon, Walmart, Toys R Us

Just Add Sun (Griddly Games)

Just Add Sun is a “hot” new solar oven that uses the sun’s energy to heat up tasty treats and perform awesome experiments. The product includes directions to melt s’mores, make nachos, or even cook an egg, among many other activities that all use the power of the sun. With the Just Add Sun Solar Science and Art Kit you can learn how solar energy works and eco-friendly energy alternatives. See how the energy of the sun can be used for heating and cooking, and experiment with light, heat transfer, reflection, and more! Make colored balloons burst at different times, melt crayons to make art, use the magnifier to intensify the heat transfer too.

Ages: 8+

MSRP: $25.95

Available: Amazon


Botany: Experimental Greenhouse (Thames & Kosmos)

Learn about plants and seeds by conducting experiments in a specially designed botanical laboratory with greenhouse domes. Assemble the domed greenhouses, complete with thermometers and ventilation. Construct an automatic watering system to keep your plants from getting too thirsty. Grow beans, cress, and zinnia flowers, and learn how each plant has different needs.

Age: 5+


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