Nari-Koyu people take strong exception to AdiSU demand

ITANAGAR, Mar 25: The people of Nari-Koyu have taken strong exception to Adi Students’ Union (AdiSU)’s repeated opposition to inclusion of Nari-Koyu Assembly segment in Lower Siang district.
In a meeting here on March 23, the members of Ramle Banggo Welfare Society, Ramle Banggo Social and Environment Protection Society and Ramle Banggo Student’s Union (RBSU) along with elites of the concern area took serious note on AdiSU’s “traditional Adi land” claims over Nari-Koyu.
The members noted that “if past historical settlement or migratory patterns are made the basis for claiming ownership of community land and subsequently, the basis for demarcation of the modern day administrative jurisdiction, it would give rise to a need for an ugly and unprecedented re-settlement arrangements in the entire Siang belts as Galos and Adis settlement patterns have intersected on different occasions.’
The members while claiming that no Galo has ever made such claims till date in the larger interest of maintaining the spirit of brotherhood as shared by the ancestors, also asserted that ‘Such issues should not be allowed to take place in a State like ours; otherwise it would set a bad precedent.
Asserting that the very process of claims and objection placed by AdiSU on determination of boundary of Lower Siang and East Siang districts speaks of immature approach, the members noted that the Government is the ultimate authority for such determination and not a clan based organization, which is detrimental to development of a society and a treat to communal harmony.
The members demanded the state government not to entertain such representation of AdiSU or any other organisations regarding Lower Siang District which they claimed ‘carry communal inclination.’
Further, the members demanded on the government not to deviate from the boundary as shown in respect of Nari Koyu Administrative Circles in the Arunachal Pradesh…

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