LAFAYETTE, Ind. — I believe in the power of sanctuary places we go to when we want to feel safe, comfortable or simply remembered by fellow humans that commonly inhabit the same space.

For some people, it’s a place of worship, their childhood home, a corner of a library, or a bar where everybody knows your name. 

Before I came to Indiana — when I was student at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis — my places were a park next to a stone arched bridge over the Mississippi River and my college newspaper, The Minnesota Daily.

When I moved to Lafayette nearly one year and nine months ago for the Journal & Courier, I knew no one and didn’t know what to do with myself when I wasn’t at work. I was living in an apartment on Main Avenue at the time, so I was luckily among all the downtown action. Being a journalist and therefore a caffeine addict, one of the first places I set out to find was a coffee shop. And seated just down the street from my new home was Fuel.

I don’t remember my first experiences at Fuel, but I know I kept coming back for a reason. The baristas remembered my name, the coffee was great and the food was even better. It soon became one of my places in Lafayette where I’d find myself automatically walking or driving toward without thought.

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After an especially long week at the paper or a stressful story, I treat myself on a Saturday morning with a stack of apple streusel pancakes, a breakfast sandwich or breakfast burrito at Fuel. (Although it’s technically a coffee shop, it has the best breakfast I’ve had in town, besides Heirloom before it closed.) While making my way over to cover something at Purdue,…