MxHero Enables Secure Email With Best Of Breed Cloud Storage


Email security is not an option for most organizations.

MxHero, a leading email and cloud storage convergence company, launches a new set of capabilities that allows organizations to leverage best of breed cloud content storage (Box, Egnyte, ShareFile, etc) for secure email delivery. With the new capability, sensitive email can be sent from any device and delivered as a secure, encrypted message. This service allows organizations to meet different regulatory requirements around secure message delivery, such as, HIPAA, by taking advantage of their existing investment in document cloud storage technology.

The service works by transparently moving sent emails (message & attachments) into secure cloud document storage and delivering a link to the recipient for secure viewing of the message directly from the cloud storage. Message security can be selectively applied to specific emails or on all emails sent between pre-defined senders and recipients. Other delivery options include detailed tracking of message access, access expiration and authentication.

“MxHero is excited to be delivering to our customers the ability to send secure messages by leveraging secure cloud document storage. Today, email security is not an option for most organizations. MxHero has engineered a truly end user friendly experience that delivers an unparalleled secure email solution to the organization. Not only are emails secured, but also automatically filed to the company’s document storage, immediately benefiting from all the additional security, governance and collaboration features inherent in the best cloud document storage solutions,” says Alex Panagides, CEO, mxHero Inc.

MxHero integrates with all email servers (on-premises or…

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