Music Tastes Good founder Josh Fischel died days after the fest’s 2016 debut, but his wife, family and friends refused to let his dream for Long Beach go with him

In the months leading up to the 2016 debut of Music Tastes Good, Abbie Fischel watched and listened as her husband Josh Fischel realized his long-held dream of mixing cool music and great food to create a new festival in downtown Long Beach.

“I was getting phone calls from him probably every hour for the year,” she says. “You know, ‘This happened! And then this happened!’ But it was neat because every day there was some new addition for the festival.”

Josh Fischel, was born in Orange County, lived in the San Fernando Valley, but truly loved his adopted hometown of Long Beach. He was a lifelong musician who later branched out into promoting shows. And Music Tastes Good was his baby, his most ambitious endeavor, and his joy as it all came together was inspiring to see, Abbie Fischel says.

“Watching him work on it, watching it actually come together, I mean, that dude, he was so stoked every single day,” Fischel says. “It was incredibly stressful and an incredibly big undertaking.

“But Josh tended to dream big.”

The inaugural Music Tastes Good went off to critical and popular acclaim in September 2016, but four days after it ended, Fischel was dead. At 47, the liver disease he’d battled took him years before he and his doctors had expected.

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