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For 83 years, the Federal Communications Commission has monitored radio stations across the United States. The FCC’s main agenda includes censoring any artist’s overly-suggestive, sexual language, along with muddying artist’s explicit and vivid narrations of violence and drug experimentation.

In recent years, however, music has found a seemingly organic way to combat the rigid, “no-fun” laws set in place by the government. The music industry’s weapon of choice? On-demand music streaming services — Apple Music and Spotify, among others. As these streaming services lure youngsters away from the radio, and away from the FCC’s power, lyrically explicit music is thriving. This is an important evolution in creating a more culturally aware society.

High school and college students are some of the most loyal and passionate music consumers in the market. We, the students, have massive influence in determining which music becomes popular, and which music goes unheard. Apple Music and Spotify offer student discounts to make their services affordable and retain the attention of the youth.

For the student price of $4.99/month, our country’s high school and college students are handed an unlimited and uncensored library of nearly every song released. The more than 30 million songs range from new releases to oldies. These streaming services are among the most powerful tools in shaping our generation’s popular culture.

Larger and larger herds of people are flocking toward streaming services, and away from the radio dial. As of April 2017, Spotify, Apple Music and other similar competitors boast a collective total of approximately 112 million paid subscribers.

These powerful music distributors give artists the freedom — for the first time in modern history — to create the music they want to create with complete independence from the FCC’s influence. As a result, more and more artists are becoming less concerned of gaining notable attention…

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