Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) V/s Video Mailing and Messaging Service (VMMS)

We are all aware of the fact there is a huge need gap in terms of Video Sharing. Often we have always wanted to share our special moments with friends, families and peers. However, technology has been relatively challenged with this aspect of video. Though MMS has tried to address the issue of video sharing but there are quite a few discrepancies with the video sharing platform. With respect to the same, VMMS not only addressed the above issues but has completely changed the outlook of video sharing forever.

What exactly is this new technology?

VMMS is a patent pending technology wherein one can send and receive unlimited videos from any internet device to any other. So, if one is using a PC, a laptop or a tablet and wants to send a video of any length to any other internet device, then that can easily be possible without losing sweat. A simple SMS will be able to carry an encoded audio-video message to the recipient’s device and instantly play in the respective media player through a process of progressive download (streaming).

The video will play on any internet device, irrespective of its platform, protocol or network. Which means that if a device supports an android platform or an I-Phone platform or even for that matter a Symbian (Nokia) based platform, VMMS will ensure that the video will stream seamlessly. Further different internet devices would support different protocols. For example Symbian phones support RTSP protocol, a personal computer would support RTMP or HTTP protocol, and an I-phone would support HTTP protocol, whereas an Android would support RTSP for streaming purposes. However, in case of VMMS, irrespective of any protocol videos can be shared everywhere. Finally, whether a network is on 2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI, VMMS will ensure that the video runs seamlessly.

Finally we have a table stating the exact differences between VMMS and MMS technology



Has size limitation. Like an SMS has a maximum size of 160 Character, MMS has a size limitation of 382 kb. Thus longer the MMS more MMS credit units are consumed. 

No size limitations at all.

 Audio Video Content of VMMS can be dynamically changed

In this case the content cannot be altered under any circumstances

Live streaming not possible with this technology

Live streaming can be done with ease.

Video can only be shared from mobile to mobile

multidirectional  video communication possible – such as mobile to web , mobile to mobile, web to mobile and also web to web.

Videos cannot be sent to Email Accounts

Videos can be sent to  Email accounts like Gmail /Yahoo/etc.

Consumes memory of the handset

Consumes only memory like an SMS ( 140 byte only)

Can be downloaded and tampered with

Cannot be downloaded thus it is tamper proof

Prone to different viruses

Virus free technology

All mobile devices do not support this technology

Is supported by almost all smart phones and a large number of non smart phones.

Is platform dependent…

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