Motorola Is Launching A Wide-Angle Dash Cam For Cars

Motorola is launching a wide-angle dash cam for cars and it’s going to be priced at $99 according to a new report. While it might seem like cameras are a little bit outside of Motorola’s wheelhouse, it actually has a history with cameras as it provides the body cams for most law enforcement, so a dash cam isn’t really such a strange product offering for the company. In addition to offering a wide-angle view so it captures nearly everything it sees in front of it, it’s also Full HD 1080p so the recording quality of video and images is likely to be quite clear. It isn’t mentioned how many megapixels the camera sensor has, but it’s likely to be quite a bit better than Motorola’s first dash cam that was launched earlier this year which only had a 2-megapixel sensor.

For viewing, the dash cam comes with a 4-inch screen on the backside of it, a mounting port on the top for attaching the suction cup that will help to hold it in place, and a series of buttons on the side which the user can access for managing things like playback and powering on the camera. It also has a microSD card slot for storing whatever footage and images are captured during use, so transferring that data should be pretty easy if you need or want to move it to a computer or any other device.

The camera is being launched by Motorola Accessories which is part of Binatone, and is the same company that launched all of Motorola’s Verve Life accessories, such as the Verve Ones Plus wireless earbuds. It’s also reportedly launching in both the UK and in the U.S., though at the moment it doesn’t appear that there is a launch date that’s been set or any mention of which retailers are going to carry the product. Since it’s coming from Motorola Accessories and Binatone though, chances are you’ll be able to buy it wherever you can pick up the Verve Life products, some of which you can currently find on Amazon and other online retailers, which means this will likely be widely…

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