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Kali Bradford


An emerging artist, an experienced glass artist and a former teacher setting out to pursue a career in art are just a few of the artists to be featured in the upcoming exhibit at the Tullahoma Art Center (TAC).

The exhibit will open to the public with a reception from 2 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 6 at the center.


Meet the Artists

The community exhibit will feature artists that include Soozie Lowry, Marie Kelley, Mary Reeves, Darcie Lee Mikulka, Wesley Smith, Melissa Thompson, Trenton Turner, Tammy O’Connor and Jacob Pamham.


Wesley Smith

A recent graduate of the St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School, Smith will be featuring handmade pottery in the upcoming community show.

“I love doing large vessels, usually water-pouring or carrying vessels,” he said. “Almost all my work is completely functional. I like creating basically anything you can use around your house. The piece for the show is an older piece that I’ve had for a while. It’s one of my favorites that I’ve made and I would say defines my style. I love the simple. I don’t like doing a bunch of pictures or work on the outside of the pot. I like for the pot’s shape to be pretty on its own. I like large curves and form.”

Smith said he particularly enjoys making recreational pieces such as pitchers.

“While people don’t really use pitchers anymore, they are my favorites because of the process in creating them,” he said.  “I also love that when you do get them out it’s for a fellowship or get-together of some sort. I love to think that when someone buys a pitcher, it’s going to be used in the way of bringing a group of people together.”


Darcie Lee Mikulka

This will be the first exhibit for aspiring artist Mikulka, who has been painting since she was in elementary school.

“I started painting when I was in elementary school and I just loved it,” she said. “I’ve been…

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