Mooresville youth take advantage of futsal to hone soccer skills

Because the game is played on a rectangle with goals placed on each end, the playing surface for a game of futsal looks every bit like a soccer field.

But when you consider the garbage can and the soda machine resting just inches off the sideline in one corner, the restroom doors and water fountains serving as part of the out-of-bounds line on the opposite end, and the massive, exposed ductwork overhead, the atmosphere for watching a futsal game will never be mistaken for the World Cup finals.

If that level of play, however, is what a youth soccer player aspires to reach, playing futsal – a soccer hybrid played indoors, usually on a basketball court – is strongly recommended.

Lake Norman area youth have that opportunity. Through a partnership between the South Iredell Soccer Association and the Town of Mooresville Cultural and Recreational Services department, futsal academies are offered at the Selma Burke Center every summer and winter.

Those seasons come during dead periods in the youth and high school soccer calendars. Because their competitive seasons occur in the fall and spring, futsal serves as an off-season way to train and hone players’ skills.

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