Modern Craftsmanship at Oniricalab Verona


Oniricalab continues to receive positive nods from both the public assisting to the workshops and the professionals of the design industry. This annual meeting, that takes place from October until its closure on the month of June, is considered by both this groups as the meeting point for an alternative vision of the arts, of material usage and of the slow life and diy cultures.

The festival, born in 2009 with the goal of spreading the culture of doing with one’s own hands and not with a computer, of returning to the craftsmen techniques and of using natural input for one’s work that is respectful to the environment, has arrived this 2012 to its third edition with a vast range of participants arrived from all over the world and with a decisively rich offer.

The lab-event, organized by the associations Fuoriscala, Ondequadre and Reverse, has proposed this year interesting projects based on new expression means like AnatoMY. The designers from Sovrappensiero Design Studio expored during the last days of January the human body as a vehicle of thought and sensations, and the relationship that is created between the body and the perception we have of ourselves.

Tastefull, which took place in October, has been one of the most successful workshops of this edition up until now. Created by the FormaFantasma Studio, Tastefull analyzed not only the latest trends in the industry of food design but also the use of food as an input material for the production of everyday  and decorative objects. In particular, the five day workshop celebrated in the framework of Oniricalab was structured in three interpretations of food: food as a source of colour, as an inspiration for new production processes and as a source of artistic and aesthetic inspiration.

The first initiative saw some of the traditional dishes of the Veneto region translated into dying colors printed on fabric obtained from boiling and filtering ingredients such as saffron, wine and peas. The second project exhibited a natural polymer created from potatoes and corn, able to become a plastic-like nutritive package for plants. The third and last interpretation used food as the main element of art and design pieces such as paintings, jewels and even a new typefont projected on vegetables and fruit, where letters become the ingredients of a recipe.

Before its closure at the beginning of the summer, Oniricalab still has two appointments not to be missed. From March 26th to the 31st, the German Umschiten will present a workshop on sustainable development and optimization of spaces. From May 8th to the 13th, Dario Pegoretti, the famous bycicle frame builder will take the reins of the workshop with his unlimited ideas and craftsmanship.

Oniricafestival is therefore an event very worth discovering for all of those who appreciate things done as the old times but with the modern spin of young generations, for lovers of the slow way of life and passionate about traditional production…

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