Mindmatrix Channel Marketing Automation Software Introduces the Chrome Extension That Truly Takes Channel Marketing Automation to the Next Level

Mindmatrix Channel Marketing Automation

Mindmatrix channel marketing automation software’s new feature addition makes it possible for its users to view key marketing metrics and engage in quick social media marketing campaigns. To access this feature, users need to download a plugin for Chrome released by Mindmatrix. The plugin, called the Mindmatrix Chrome Extension, allows users to view the assets available in their Mindmatrix accounts, analyze the performance of their marketing/sales activities, create opportunity records and send assets to their contacts in the Mindmatrix channel marketing automation software platform using their gmail accounts.

Another key feature of Chrome Extension is social media marketing. The Chrome extension allows Mindmatrix channel marketing automation software users to publish social media posts across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook if the user’s social media account has been synchronized with Mindmatrix. The users can even publish posts on the pages of the users of other groups and organizations, provided they have the required permissions in the Mindmatrix platform.

The Chrome Extension also brings the “Lead Generator” to Mindmatrix users. By automatically generating leads based on minimal lead information, the lead generator is every marketer’s dream. All the user has to do is key in the lead’s first name, last name and company name into the channel marketing automation software’s Chrome Extension and the tool will generate their email IDs based on the the lead company’s email pattern.

Harbinder Khera, CEO, Mindmatrix, says, “Channel marketing is quite complex and companies that invest in channel marketing automation software to make it easier often find that their channel partners…

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