Millions of dollars are invested in private facilities and golf courses, with focus on strategy and aesthetics – Orange County Register

Decisions are hopefully made with the best interest of the golf course in mind, and whether it’s a public course operated by a management company or a private country club owned by its members, the goals are similar in trying to present the course in its best possible light.

Changes, upgrades and improvements on the greens, fairways and bunkers, performed by each course’s superintendent and maintenance crew or a special-assignment contractor, are universal to public, private, resort and executive golf courses, all in Newport-Mesa, especially in good economic times.

And, these days, golf courses are lush throughout California because of a lot of off-season rain, and Costa Mesa Country Club cannot wait to show off its two public courses Saturday, Aug. 5, and Sunday, Aug. 6, in the 45th Annual Costa Mesa City Championship.

At a time with golf at its annual peak in terms of daylight and rounds played, we examine the recent investments on local golf courses and facilities, and what course operators and member owners are seeking by making such investments.

“The improvements to the course can focus on strategy and aesthetics,” said Newport Beach-based architect Casey O’Callaghan, referring to the area’s four private country clubs. “One the other hand, most public golf courses are run by professional operators. We usually work closely with the superintendent or general manager regarding all major decisions. Public courses usually have smaller maintenance crews and maintenance budgets. Their main source of revenue is derived from the number of rounds on the course. The proposed changes that we make for public golf often incorporates how these changes affect the speed of play and the ability to maintain the course. The goal with public golf course improvements is to create the most beautiful and dynamic looking improvements, while still maintaining speed of play and ease of maintenance.”

“Public courses usually have smaller maintenance crews and…

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