Men’s rights movement is on the rise in Silicon Valley

“Women believe they have the right to lie, cheat, deceive, sabotage, to empower themselves in the workplace because they will always see themselves as having never enough to make them happy at work, much like the average marriage. Everybody having or being shown equality is foreign to her.”

That comment was posted over the summer by a user on an online forum run by MGTOW, a radical fringe of the men’s rights movement that stands for Men Going Their Own Way,and sums up how some men feel about a work environment that they say has become obsessed with gender parity and too quick to call out perceived sexual harassment by men against women.

While MGTOW is an extreme version of the men’s rights movement – its most ardent adherents avoid marriage, swear off having children and limit their contact with women as much as possible – the sentiments expressed on Reddit message boards, online forums, across social media channels and throughout the so-called “manosphere” show that an increasing number of men feel targeted at work.

“A growing population of men will refuse to subscribe to the utter nonsense perpetuated in the culture, the media, magazines, on television, or in society at large,” the MGTOW website states. “They are passionately curious, will question everything and are fundamental seekers of the truth — no matter how painful the truth may be. They are the men who will choose and prefer to go their own way, independent of what we are subjected to on a daily basis.”

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One job sector where men’s rights advocates have become more vocal is the tech world, which has for years been seen as a boys club that has only recently – and in some cases grudgingly — accepted women into the fold. The conversations over workplace parity have taken on a new urgency amid a slew of high-profile sexual harassment and discrimination scandals that have rocked companies from Social Finance to Uber.

Many male tech workers who identify as…

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