Melvin White’s New Book “Placebo” Is About The Correlation Of The Word “Placebo” To An Illusion That Can Be Adopted Or Accepted By One Person Or Several Million People

Melvin White, a retired military officer, college graduate, and jack of all trades, has completed his new book “Placebo”: which teaches that the only way to eradicate the myth of addiction is for the addict to introduce themselves to the illusion and then locate the placebo in their mind and change their circumstances to accept a different reality.

According to White, “(My) aspiration to become a writer has always been a lifelong goal, and finally (I have) brought (my) idea into life with the first of many action-thriller, romance, horror, and self-help manuscripts that will captivate and intrigue a wide variety of readers interested in new and innovative approaches to storytelling.”

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Melvin White’s intriguing work correlates the word “placebo” to an illusion that can be adopted or accepted by one person—or in this case, several million people all around the world.

Many believe that their drug addiction and dependency is somehow a lifelong stigma that they must live with or remain attached to until they are forced into an intervention or a drug rehabilitation program. Also, for those who believe in a higher power, they think that the person who is addicted to drugs should seek divine intervention as the only way to rescue them from the dependency they struggle with.

All of those preventative measures are all great alternative means to combat the effects of drug dependency and can definitely enhance the possibility of an addicted person to find solace and healing from those aforementioned methods, but the author asks the reader to consider the possibility of a pill that was proven to have a 100 percent efficacy rate of completely suppressing the desire to ever experiment with drugs. However, the…

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