Meet Georgian Student of the Cambridge University

The FINANCIAL — 22-year-old Georgian Tekla Iashagashvili is continuing her studies at the University of Cambridge in its Sociology Programme. When it comes to academic prestige, Cambridge can be called the Harvard of the UK. It is suitably difficult to get in due to it having one of the most demanding and rigorous enrolment processes. Here, the successful student shares with The FINANCIAL what brought her to this point, as well as her plans for the future.

Q. What was the path that took you to Cambridge?

A. In the 9th Grade I moved to the Guivy Zaldastanishvili American Academy in Tbilisi and in my last year of school I sent out applications to different American colleges and universities. I got accepted at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania and there I spent the past four years of my life studying business and sociology. 

When I graduated from the American Academy, I did not plan on studying sociology. I was considering economics. Yet when I began my study of economics, I realized that it was not a field that I was particularly passionate about, or that I could see myself in. At the same time I took classes in sociology, started studying business and found what I loved studying and working with so in the end I completed my studies with these two majors. 

I am glad that I was given an opportunity to try different social and natural sciences as well as humanities, before deciding on sociology and business. After successful completion of my second year, I was awarded USD 4,000 from the College to use for an academic or a community service project. I used this money to travel to Paris and Florence to study museums there. My research subsequently became one of the factors contributing to my acceptance at Cambridge.

Q. What experiences did you gain during your period of learning in the US that will contribute to your future?

A. I received an excellent education and my personality has changed a lot. I was also involved in a lot of clubs and…

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