Mayoral candidate inspired by God

Curtis Pulley says he was chosen by God to be mayor of Greenville, and will be making substantial changes to the city and North Carolina through this mandate.

Pulley was one of the first candidates to file for election in Pitt County, showing up with fellow mayoral candidates Calvin Mercer and P.J. Connelly to the Pitt County Board of Elections in the opening minutes of the filing period on July 7. Mercer, Connelly, Pulley and Ernest Reeves are all running for the open seat. Former Mayor Allen Thomas stepped down in June to take an executive director position with the Global TransPark in Kinston. 

Pulley is inspired by a biblical passage from II Kings 5:1-19, in which the prophet Elijah heals a man of leprosy by commanding him to wash himself in the Jordan River. Pulley said he plans to heal people in the Tar River. He said this plan came to him after Hurricane Matthew, in a vision from God, and he hopes to use the opportunity to improve Greenville and the world through it. 

“All God wants mankind to do is know Jesus Christ as lord and savior, that’s my motivation,” said Pulley. “That’s our motivation through the vision that God helped move forth.”

To accompany the river sessions, Pulley plans to build a multi-billion dollar multi-purpose stadium just adjacent the river. Housed around the 75,000 seat sports complex, which he said can be converted for basketball, football and religious events, will be a kind of entertainment quarter to service the stadium. Specifically, he envisions 20-30 restaurants and shops, an amusement park, and a four five-star hotels, like the Ritz-Carlton.

For visitors seeking to be healed, Pulley said they will have to journey to different areas of the state, and then stay at the complex, tentatively named the “Pulley Empire” for 30 days. During the 30-day period, Pulley said attendees will read daily devotionals from “Our Daily Bread” and “In Touch,” two religious ministries that produce tracts. He…

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